Gabaswire has a fully equipped laboratory to monitor and maintain a well-defined quality assurance system.

We carry out the following test from raw material to finished product to ensure that our wire ropes perform to quality standards:


Incoming Raw Material (Steel Wire & Fiber Core)

  • Diameter is accurately measured to nearest 0.001mm
  • Tensile strength of wire to conform to the required strength
  • Torsion testing of wire
  • Testing for mass of Zinc coating


Process Testing

  • Diameter measurement after wire drawing
  • Tensile testing after wire drawing
  • Torsion testing after wire drawing
  • Strand diameter measurement
  • Checking the pitch length or lay length


Finished Rope Testing

  • Checking the final overall diameter of the rope
  • Checking helix height
  • Checking the pitch length or lay length
  • Loop testing
  • Breaking Load test


We strictly adhere to API Specs 9A/BSI requirements. We conduct the breaking load test in the presence of a third party certifying body. Each wire rope is checked for its compliance with manufacturing standards on the basis of the following parameters:

  • Rope Construction
  • Nominal Diameter
  • Rope Lay
  • Tensile Strength / Grade
  • Calculated breaking force or Minimum breaking force
  • Lubricants or dry
  • Ungalvanized or Galvanized
  • Lenght of rope per reel