Design and Engineering Standards

The technical language of wire rope is as follows:

  1. Diameter
  2. Core
  3. Wire rope Lay
  4. Strand Construction
  5. Wire Rope Construction
  6. Wire Rope Properties
  7. Care & Maintenance
  8. Engineeting Details


Diameter of a wire rope is the diameter of the circle which completely encloses it. Attention should be given to see that the correct method of measurement is used. Nominal diameter available from 8 mm to 40 mm


fibre core

steel core


There are 3 general types of wire rope core, one is made of fiber and the other of steel wire and third one is of wire strands.

Fiber cores are mainly manufactured from a natural fiber, either manila, sisal or jute

Fiber core is restricted to conditions where the loading is light, e.g. chair lifts. Some fiber cores are manufactured from polypropylene or Nylon, but the use of synthetic fiber cores has recently been confined to a few types of services where they are able to stand up to chemical agents that would normally attack a natural fiber. 

Cores made from wire are usually a small wire rope of suitable size to serve as core, this is called independent wire strand core (IWSC) 

The other type of steel core is independent wire rope core (IWRC). It is just like the separate rope supporting the strands.