Many types of machines and structures use wire ropes, including draglines, cranes, elevators, shovels, drilling rigs, suspension bridges and cable-stayed towers. Each application has specific needs for the type and size of wire rope required. All wire ropes, regardless of the application, will perform at a higher level, last longer and provide greater user benefits when properly maintained.

  • Oil & Gas Exploration

    For the oil and gas industry, finding and accessing new sources of energy depends on the global availability of extraordinarily tough drilling lines that allow the exploration and extraction of resources buried deep beneath the surface.

    Gabaswire drilling lines are like our engineers and personnel - with your day-in, day-out helping you produce on the rig.  Offshore, land, work over, or whatever the rig may be – we know the right rope for your application. 

    You can count on Gabaswire’s outstanding quality and support where ever your rig may be.

    Ropes for offshore cranes are 6x19 Winch Ropes, 6x19 Drilling lines, and 6x19 Drilling rigs

  • Construction

    Backed by over a century of strand-making experience, Wire Rope Industries offer a superior range of capabilities and products to meet the diverse requirements of engineered structural support systems.

    Custom designed and tested to meet exact standards, Gabaswire's structures and systems are innovative and cost effective.

  • Bridges

    In bridges, generally single strand ropes and prestreched ropes of various construction and diameter are used. Gabaswire supplies as per customer requirements.


  • Cranes

    With over a century of rope-making experience, Wire Rope Industries offer an extensive line of products and services made to meet the diverse and demanding challenges of industrial applications. 

    Tested and designed for superior performance and value, our Surelift line includes a wide range of standard and ultra-performing ropes.

    Key Applications are mobile cranes, tower cranes, overhead cranes, and container cranes.

  • Marine Services

    In this application, 6 strands, 24 wires per strand and fibre core (6x24)+fc, rope is the most common type of wire rope used.

    Here, types of ropes differentiate by application such as; mooring ropes, towing ropes, anchor ropes, rigging, boomlines, runners, and fishing ropes.

  • Elevators

    Elevator ropes are generally, 8 strand ropes with fibre core (sisal) for flexibility. Tensile grade used is 1370 N/mm2 and 1570 N/mm2

    Sizes used vary from 8mm to 13mm, in addition to a special lubrication.